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Welcome to Premium Directory, a UK based Call Connection Service providing call connection to many different companies quickly and with ease. We are registered with and regulated by the Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA) you can find out more about other premium rate services via the PSA’s website here .

Our Call Connection Service is the easiest and fastest way to to get connected with companies who’s numbers are hard to find.

We make finding company information online easy; with our detailed landing pages you can find a whole host of useful information such as opening times, company history, FAQs, postal addresses and more, including the choice of call connection via one of our premium rate telephone numbers. 


Our landing pages provide a wide range of
company information for your reference


You have the choice of connecting to the company
via our premium rate number


Our service is quick and simple to use – use an online search engine to search for the information you want and you’ll see our advert (you’ll recognise it’s us as we will make it clear that we offer call connection services). After clicking on our advert you’ll be taken to a dedicated company page that holds a wealth of company information including the company opening times, handy FAQs, a link to the official company’s website and a premium rate telephone number which you can use if you’d like to be connected to the company directly.


There are loads of great benefits of using Customer Calls connection service

  • Registered and regulated
  • Quick and simple connection
  • Connection to many companies
We make connecting with UK companies online quick and simple with our premium rate call connection services. We are registered with, and regulated by, the Phone-paid Services Authority to provide Call Connection Services. You can find out more about us and the service we provide here, or contact us here.

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